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  • Overview
  • Does web design impacts UX
  • Principles to drive Gross Sales

Looking forward to boosting your conversation rates? Then look no further… High-quality web design is necessary for your enterprise. Either you belong to B2B or B2C business strategies, you should possess an online platform to showcase your business products and services.

According to a recent survey, 1.8 billion active websites exist today and to remain an odd one out 💯, stay unique with a quality website design. Plugging together themes and irrelevant content leads to a negative impact on your website.

Crawling issues, broken links, weak loading speed, etc matters the most.

Design your website that builds trust with your audience.

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Does Web Design Impacts UX?

User experience [UX] influences a lot on your business which raises your gross sales. An easy-to-navigate website always builds UX and makes them revisit your website. Enhance overall customer journey throughout your website, get rid of mistakes to lead your traffic rates.

Some of the best practices for UX are:

  • Usability- Ensure easily accessible on all devices
  • Aesthetics- The outlook of your website impacts how users understand your brand.
  • Information Architecture- Utilize sitemaps to easily navigate

Principles to drive Gross Sales

●    Hold it simple

It is one of the crucial parts while designing a website to ensure it is simple. Allow users to scroll easily throughout with relevant and easily perceivable contents. Your goal is not to impress the audience but is to convert leads into customers.

●     Consider White Space Background

White space is considered one of the greatest web design techniques to add elements like visuals, typography, icons, sections, etc to your webpage.

●     Accept minimal distractions

Try to include minimal distractions that affect your conversion rates. Unexpected distractions may lead visitors to leave off your website. Distractions could be

  1. Auto-playing video with loud noise
  2. Huge pop-ups
  3. Loud background image

●     Well formatted Content

People are looking for relevant information from your website. Henceforth, it must be easily digestible and formatted accordingly. Make use of

  1. Subheadings
  2. Bullet points
  3. Short paras
  4. Visuals

How Convinced Are You?

Understand your customer, find keyword research and optimize content accordingly. Follow all these mentioned tips to attract more customers. Need help in building website design? We will help you out… Share your feedback and suggestions

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