Keep track of your SEO reports..Build Good Client Relationship

The initial phase of any SEO campaign is to dive ahead into clients expectations. Try to set aside all the key metrics you need to improve in SEO handling. Let’s have a deep analysis:

🔥 In the coming year, if your client is targeting 50% of organic traffic. Then you should point to keyword groups, their visibility and it’s ranking in frequent months.

🔥 Let’s quote another example: What if your eCommerce client is focusing on conversions. This would mean submitting organic-driven conversions and transactions as key metrics.

➡Ensure you gather complete client data and work upon creating strategies, report SEO results, and maintain client bonds accordingly. Meanwhile, conduct a continuous check throughout your SEO reports to map out each phase of SEO activities…

●     Keep it easy to understanding

Prepare a concise and simple report with a complete analysis. May it possesses various slides/ pages but typically a winding summary matters the most to those clients having few minutes to spare.

Highlight certain status says specific KPIs underwent, any trends which may impact clients objectives, target keywords or content performance, and any issues or suggestions recommended.

Make the key insights of your reports catchy to ensure that CMOs could easily compare and evaluate the long-term impact of the SEO campaign.

●     Visual designs and data’s explained concisely.

It’s quite sarcastic if your reports end up as irrelevant or poor quality feedback. Always avoid anything that distracts your reports.

👉 Visual designs should format in a readable and understandable pattern. Take away colors, font size, images, and other design factors to easily catch your data.

👉 Visual data should substantiate what you meant to describe. Never sneak more data than normal. Include explainers and one takeaway for each visual that impacts a great warmup on your reports.

●     Templates and Tools to automate your data

Be it to analyze visibility trends, competition outranked, new keywords, etc, data can be automated with the usage of pre-designed templates and tools. Templates are one of the most time-consuming modes of handling SEO reports. Moreover, SEO campaign data is leveraged into various allotted tools to help you concise your reports.

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Are you in a Good Client Relationship?

Build an effective bond with your peer clients. The more strength and weakness you know from a client perspective, the more enable you are to explain the project performance on the go.

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