Is it crucial to reduce your webpage load time?

Have you ever thought of why a webpage load time is crucial? Is it critical to reduce your webpage load time? Connect to our SEO specialist in Kerala to research and improve the traffic surge to your website.

If your webpage is loading very slowly, it causes lower satisfaction towards your page. Lower satisfaction denotes that your slow-loading pages aren’t satisfying the user. Slow loading time can prevent users from using your page and recommending it to their friends and family.

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✓Page speed and its importance

Page speed refers to how fastly the content of a page loads when a user visits your site. Page speed reflects the loading time of a page. There are numerous factors influencing page speed. It includes:

a) How many media files are available on the page?

b) What plug-ins are installed on your website?

c) Coding and server-side scripts.

All of those factors affect your page’s loading speed and successively your website’s user experience. After all, visitors hate slow-loading pages, the chances of using other pages are high. 

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✓What is a good page load time?

→ Now grade your website’s SEO using our website audit and analysis tools. Do you know how to identify what good page load time is? Before you analyze your site’s speed, it’s a good idea to set a goal for where you’d like it to be. It’ll be difficult if you’re unsure what an appropriate page speed is.

→ According to Google, the best way is three seconds. But recent findings prove that most sites are nowhere near that.

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→ Users don’t need to suffer from slow websites. They’re going to choose another site. If one of your pages doesn’t appear speedily, users will advance to speedier sites. Hence you have delivered the worst customer experience, so it may badly affect your site visitors.

→ Even a delay in a single second in page load time can cause a loss in conversion rate. Thus it leads to fewer views on the pages. Hence page load time plays a vital role.

→ Page load time deals with the typical amount of your time taken for a web page to load on your screen. Load time is calculated from the instant once you click on a page link straightaway when the page loaded within the browser. Calculation of Load time is in seconds. Page load time consists of two different segments: Network and Server Time and Browser Time.

1. Network and Server Time: It deals with how fast the web connection is and how static assets like photos and other files are delivered.

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