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Google Analytics stopped gathering information from YouTube Channels!!

Google Analytics has ceased collecting new data from YouTube Channel pages since Feb 1, 2021. Meanwhile, historical data could be accessible keeping new data hidden.

The connection between Google Analytics and YouTube was withdrawn in November, last year. YouTube channels were able to access the new data until the beginning of this month.

Let’s have a glance at YouTube Analytics. Read on below:

YouTube Analytics piles up-to-date reports of your channels, videos, and monitors accordingly.

Unlike Google Analytics which employs the installation of tracking codes, the new tool is accessed by signing in and then navigating the analytics menu. Vivid tabs are clustered to segregate necessary information relevant to marketers.

Hereby we share some of the different tabs to be noted.

●        Overview

Displays key metrics like watch time views and information on subscribers. You can gather reports on top and recent videos, real-time process, and its typing performance.

●        Reach

The reach tab depicts the total reach of your content on the audience depending on the number of clicks. You can access reports on traffic source, external top source, impressions, and search terms.

●        Engagement

It indicates what your viewers are watching followed by the number of minutes. The engagement tab includes reports for top videos, playlists, top cards, and end screens.

●        Revenue

This tab shows the amount of money earned by channels from monetized videos. The revenue tab applies to only creators of YouTube affiliated programs.

Hope you had a brief picture on YouTube Analytics. Each tab figures out data relevant to your objectives. YouTube Analytics seems to be the best source for business marketers to access up-to-date information from YouTube channels.

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