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Do you think Instagram Contest Ideas are Best to Grow Brand Awareness?

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Start a great beginning by exploring Instagram Contest Ideas. Raise your brand awareness while running contests and drive attention from visitors. You could gain more engagement in social platforms than regular content.

Recent studies reveal 91% of the Instagram posts that received 1000+ comments are contest types. Typically users would feel a tremendous affinity towards your brand with the goodwill generated by the contest. Henceforth they are liable to share and respond to the normal posts.

More Contests = More Followers = More User Engagement

Get to know best practices while running your contests!!

👉Describe a detailed version of your contest defining the rules, eligibility criteria to win, deadline, the prize & offers and finally indicating how the winners are announced. Earn a return-on-investment by adapting best practices on Instagram Contests.

Stay tuned with the right promotion guidelines provided by Instagram to avoid letting your account at risk. Mostly ensure you give away the right prizes to attract your target audience and generate more brand awareness.

💥Unless and otherwise followed proper guidelines, your business runs at risk of grasping followers, people may unfollow and may not engage with your products or services in the future.

Win Some Contests Ideas👇

●    Tag to win

Just interrogate people to tag a friend in the comment box to enter the contest. Once people are tagged by you, mostly they receive a notification and might follow your business profile. However, they may tag others as well and go viral with this feedback loop.

●     Like to win

Ask people to like your posts to enter the contests and be eligible to win or you might suggest a double-tap to win.

●     Selfie Contests

Selfie Contests is quite a great platform to boost your product awareness. Ask people to have selfies 🤳 with your products. Also, generate a unique hashtag and ask people to post pics using the latter. This is ultimately user-generated content as social proof to your business services.

●     Caption Contest

Ask people to caption a pic you have uploaded. Either pick the best caption or suggest others to like the best one. The winner goes to the one with the most likes.

●     Challenge contest

Come up with some simple challenges and people who resolve them would be winners. Never lead to complex challenges, rather posts the one with simple enough for social engagement.

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Glad enough that you have gone through all the Instagram Contest Ideas. Let us assist you in branding solutions. Invite your friends and other users to participate in the contests and see your worth more user engagements. Have you got some tips? Comment below 👇…

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