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Are you using Google My Business for local SEO?

Table of contents

  • What is Google My Business?
  • How necessary is this feature for SEO?
  • List of new updated features

➡ Google My Business is a significant platform meant for business owners to get their audience to reach their services. Business information for various companies is available here and henceforth the information should be accurate. It is an online portfolio for any business where its potential customers can learn more about your products and services.

➡ However, it is a convenient mode to seek necessary information regarding office address, operating hours, contact details, etc quickly rather than browsing your website. It also improves your SEO and ranks at the top of search engines to stand odd from competitors.

Do you want your business to get visible on Google? This is what Google My Business serves at which you get visible through Google listing.

How necessary is Google My Business?✍

Today life without googling is unimaginable. What do you say?

☑ Many of us rely on Google for searching say some hangout place to lead our marketing strategies and so. It’s all about a great privilege that Google provides a free tool to list your business and attract audiences.

☑ The only crucial matter of concern is to provide concurrent information on the Google My Business page. Moreover, information keeps on updating on a timely basis.

Let’s have a glance at its benefits:

  1. Showcase your business services and enhance website ranking
  2. GMB traces the user’s location of the search area and lists your business services accordingly.
  3. It helps you respond to customers’ reviews thereby enhancing business trustworthiness.

Updated Features

  1. You have an opportunity to describe a detailed version of your business information within the 750-word limit.
  • GMB has rolled out another feature of adding posts to promote marketing strategies. Just click posts on the dashboard and share your advertisement and new offerings.
  • Update your business opening and closing schedule on GMB. So that customers are informed of your service availability.
  • Give a prompt reply to customer feedback to nourish your brand trust. Easily manage your reviews and respond directly to customers on a public platform.
  • Google Assistance Service is another new feature. It is a virtual assistance platform designed where you can easily assist your customers as per requirements.

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