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Are you aware of Google Algorithm? They are a sophisticated system to grasp data from all over the search index to deliver searchers the best probable results. Today, Google has enlisted 1000s of changes every year which spots a vital impact on SEO practices. 

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👉Google’s Martin Splitt discussed new ranking system called Passage Ranking. Danny Sullivan, public liaison for search in Google, Passage Ranking is currently live as of Feb 10, 2021, in the US for English language queries. 

👉Page experience is another new ranking factor to be launched somewhere in 2021. It discusses core web vitals detailing user experience on any website. 

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➡️So here we go with some crucial Google updates on algorithms. 


Let’s begin with Panda update 2011 as it strikes first vital updates in current SEO practices. Panda is purely initiated to deal with websites that are developed to rank in search engines. Meanwhile, it checks whether the website delivers relevant information on the search terms browsed by users. Since it had affected sites with low-quality pages, Google included it in the core algorithm 2016


VENICE was updated in 2012, a powerful update that let Google’s search results based on searchers location or IP address to get local results. 


Google’s Penguin update was launched in 2012 that defines relevant links to websites that are conceived from other sites. It also checks whether the backlinks introduced were genuine.


A very remarkable update that highlights the illegal practice of copyright content. As per Digital Millennium Copyright Act, any website is assessed a negative ranking for the above method. 


These updates pay more attention to voice search ensuring that the entire search phrase is considered rather than particular terms. This helps Google to better understand user’s queries and are desired to give the best answers. 


Pigeon update 2014 is optimized on local SEO. It ensures that local results are of utmost relevance following users’ location.


HTTPS was launched in 2014 that streamlines the security issues. Google introduced a ranking boost to sites that maintained a secure relationship between website and user. 


Rank Brain is considered one of the most significant ranking signals. It evaluates previous search results, finds phrases or words it doesn’t know, to improve further, and then determines the best results. 


Google initiated the Page Speed update algorithm as one of the ranking factors to attain fast delivery data on mobile searches.


It depicts one of the core algorithms update 2018, aimed at not only medical sites with lower-ranking rather than preserve users’ search intent from disreputable data. 

  • BERT- 2019

It is famed as the biggest update for the last 5 years. BERT translates Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It better relates the full context of all words in a sentence of search query irrespective to dealing one-by-one.

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